Friday, October 14, 2011

lows to highs

Yesterday was a low day. Judah cried I think the entire day through. He refused to walk-which come to find out was because he has an injured leg-but at the time just seemed like he was sabotaging my pregnant body by making me carry him everywhere. He also swallowed a nickel. Isabelle whined over every little injustice. I tried to run into Aldi to get a few things for baking during Nate's lunch break-and ended up dropping my box of blueberries (the main thing I had come for) all over the parking lot. It was a low day. Sweet Nate took me out to dinner (sans kiddos) and it started to make everything right again. I prayed a lot....talked to God a lot about how I felt like I was failing and the more I tried to be patience, understanding and kind I was frustrated, annoyed and rude. I told Him I needed all the help He promises to give us when we are falling apart on our own-it was a humbling/hard day. But His mercies are new every morning!! Today has been a gift from the start of it. The weather is crisp and windy ( I adore chilly days and really dislike warm ones...sorry just being truthful), the kids are sweet and listening, my heart is filled with His presence, we have baked muffins and pumpkin chai loaves so the house smells cozy and good. It is a high day. I love having a God who is there on the lows and the highs. Oh, here are a few shots of those crazy little kids I was telling you about-the best is that Isabelle showed up in these glasses with this expression on without anyone telling her it was spot on!! Then of course Judah needed a turn. I LOVE when my children truly make me laugh and today they certainly did!!! Enjoy your weekend.

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