Tuesday, August 2, 2011

rice crispies, popcorn and a movie night

The little beans helped me whip up a batch of rice crispies....and then we decided we needed something salty for our movie night. I just loved watching their sweet faces as we popped the corn-too cute. And dang...I forgot how good homemade popcorn can be!!
licking the spoons-this would be before we had even started making the treats

sweetest little boy in the land

and girl....my girl!!

who knows where he gets his goofball self from?? at least he is always cracking himself up!

while nibbling on the treats we begin the popcorn (in jammies now)

he has spotted it coming out...


the end results-quickly consumed after this shot!!
**for those who are observant....yes Isabelle has gotten a haircut....we made the treats the day before the movie night with popcorn, but enjoyed them that same night-just to clarify:)**

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