Monday, August 1, 2011

The Fair

I love the fair-I can recall so clearly going to it every year with the Sandberg family and having the time of my life!! It is a blast to revisit places of your childhood with your children....and this year we got  to do that with the fair. Sweet Nate took the day off work and we had quite the time. We did choose the perfect day flipped between rain and sweltering heat....but besides that fun little bit it was nice. Pictures below:)
this was clearly the first thing we did-note Isabelle's expression and contrast it to the last photo and you will feel the flow of the day

watching the pig races

Judah never looked away the entire time....nor smiled

pony rides-of course!!

sweetest little rider ever

she adored every moment


he just rode that seriously

Isabelle wanted to ride this thing ever since she saw it on one of the ads for the fair-we gave in and rode it and she literally smiled the entire that girl!

then came the "we are done here" phase....she modeled it perfectly:)
Sorry I have been away for a bit-but I have been pretending I am on vacation:)


kate said...

I've missed you--in blog life and in real life! Saw your whole family at church but not you...Judah is a real boy now! So cute.

the cuthberts said...

adorable...I can't believe how grown up they look. miss you! hope you've enjoyed your "vacation" ;)

KarenLee said...

Love the pictures! Thinking of how I went to that fair last year with all our kiddos. No cute belly pics for your sis-in-law who is so far away?

abby said...

posted some pictures just for you on facebook:) gotta love the pregnant bod:)