Monday, April 11, 2011

"I love" Mondays

This week and weekend were such a gift!!
Saturday morning we
got chocolate crossiants at Suzettes and nibbled them away
walked around front campus and chased squirrels with the little ones
walked to the library and got some fun things to enjoy
browsed through the Wheaton College art building
ate at Potbelly's for lunch-so yummy
played in the backyard
filled my new desk with lovelies and rearranged the  basement
It was relaxing and beautiful and full of my little family and creating!! Here are some things I am loving this Monday-
my new (used) desk for creating that Nate got me...I ADORE IT!!!!

a beautiful little nest Isabelle, Judah and I found on our walk

dried flowers we found on the walk-God's beauty never ceases to stun me!

my loves playing at the window
Hope your Monday is lovely!!

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