Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eggs....simple and stunning

Have you ever noticed how insanely beautiful and visually appealing that eggs are? The shell....white but with lovely texture...that slight bumpy surface all evenly spread. I had never really thought much about eggs-until this lovely Tuesday morning when we decided to dye a few. The color suddenly brought to life just how amazing the eggs really were.....I could not stop staring at them. I love them. I have tried placing them in bowls to make a fun little vignette...but I just keep pulling them out and placing them back in the egg carton for it is then that I can see their whole shape and beauty. Weird yes. I know. But I am so happy that we dyed eggs today-because now my eyes get to feast on these beauties for a whole week at least!!
the lovely white eggs and cups of possibility

happily letting our eggs soak

mr smiley himself ready to dye eggs

pretty proud of her beauties

such fun colors

he might have cracked one after this picture

the eggs

they are so lovely!

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