Friday, February 18, 2011 heals you

Sickness has been going around in our house (Judah was just diagnosed with a double ear infection today poor little guy!!) and we have found something that actually truly keeps sickness at bay. Tea. South African Rooibos to be precise....mine with a little honey added. Nate use to drink this stuff religiously and we marveled at how he was not getting sick. For whatever reason, he had stopped drinking it daily....and he got sick. The other night we had a revelation that indeed he had stopped drinking the tea...he started and (I KID YOU NOT) he was better in two days!! What in the world??!! Tea my friends. Tea.

Tea is not only extremely comforting-it is just plain fun. Possibly because I love pretend-and when drinking tea from a teacup you can so easily pretend you are English....or fancy pancy...or something fun. Here are a few shots of my little clan enjoying our tea before Nate got home-here's to fingers crossed that it heals the rest of us (well that and the medication Judah is now taking;))
our tea of choice

Judah "smiling"

Belle smiling

bottoms up

sipping our tea

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