Saturday, February 27, 2010

A keyboard for Isabelle

Isabelle loves the piano at my parent's house. Loves it unlike a child her age would love a piano. She will sit there......for forever.....playing the piano (two hands, wrists raised....who taught her that???) and singing. Sometimes Isabelle will demand me to sing while she plays, or she will ask me to play while she grabs some music and sings off to the side. Well....I decided this girl needed an instrument of her own-and bless my sweet sister Emily who after hearing me talk about Isabelle's love for the piano offered us their old keyboard. Isabelle was in a state of pure bliss yesterday when I brought her down to her piano. The only time she left it that morning was to run upstairs and declare to Judah..."I have a PIANO doody!!"

Here she is touching it for the first time....the look on her face is so wonderful a reflection of how she felt about it!

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