Friday, February 12, 2010

I love Valentines.....don't you??

                               Some pictures of all the love we are brewing up here in our little house.....
 Isabelle hard at work making Valentines.....she loves it, but has a bit of a hard time with scissors-she is a lefty thus far-like her daddy!

hearts-of course!
he just IS a valentine....look at that face
showing one we made for Judah

the gift I am working on for Nate....which all started with me finding an old recipe box with the letter dividers still inside:)

What fun things are you mixing up for the ones you love?

High Point: deciding to pray while I was rocking Judah to was the sweetest time, both with the Lord and with Judah
Low Point: having not showered in too many days-and somehow being very okay with that

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