Friday, April 17, 2009

Strange...but I like it!!

So, everyone probably has something strange they like. Now I am not talking a strange food combo, or strange music or anything like that....I am taking a strange beauty product that you just cannot help but like. Well mine is.....dark dark nailpolish. The stuff that looks like you are wearing black-but if you look closer you can really tell you are wearing a dark purple or brown. Currently as I type this my nails are a dark dark purple...more maroon. I cannot help but staring at my nails all the time. Now, maybe I like them because they are so not something I would wear. (I usually have a french done on my nails:) ) Or maybe because the contrast is so startling due to my pale skin. Who knows-but I love them. It might be like having an alter ego that comes out in forms of my nails.

Going along with that-and maybe even encouraged by that...the other day I did a smokey eye. Not just a little black eyeliner smudge...I mean the whole nine yards!! I strangly loved it-but knew I had not the guts to bring it out in society yet. Then...guess what happened. Three of my friends (Erin, Jessica, and Kate) all came over. I did not have time to wipe it off...and there I was...still wearing my sweatpants and gym shirt with a smokey eye. I felt foolish at first-but they affirmed me that it was not so strange and actually was rather a nice look. I (sadly) did wash it off before Nate saw-but I promised him I would do it again soon. (Somehow I feel like he will really like it-but I could be wrong) I like this new world of branching out and trying things that are not really "me". Maybe it is the pregnancy getting to me-and I need something new an different because my body is doing a zillion new and different things every day!! (I am 32 weeks at this point for those that aren't tracking my growth;)) Anyway-share with me some strange things you love...and look out because I just might try them too!!


Rebekah Wallace said...

where are our pictures of the dark nails and the growing belly?!

Blomgren2 said...

I've totally been into the black nail polish lately - so out of character for me! I love it though. I'm sure I have more but I can't think of anything! I miss you blogging more often but I'm sure you're a very busy mommy!!! Love you Abs.

M L E said...

i love it ab. and i think i'll paint my nails dark right now.