Monday, February 9, 2015

County Donuts

I have been craving a good donut lately. Blame it on Instagram, I swear my feed always has at least one image of a delicious looking donut. It was not a Dunkin Donut type craving. It was a full blown, I even solicited help on a Facebook page called Wheaton Moms, type craving. (side note: That page is crazytown!) 
I should have simply asked my friend Paula first. Paula knows what is up when it comes to good treats, I mean she works at Blackberry Market for goodness sake. As soon she told me to try County Donuts I began plotting how many hours until we made the trek. Added bonus, or negative, not sure yet...County Donuts takes very little time to get to for us. Oh dear.
After church on Sunday we loaded into the car (because yes, we walk to church, don't be impressed it is literally across the street) and started the drive. Pulling up I was full of anticipation. There was a line of people. Fun looking people. Or perhaps I thought they looked fun because I personally think if I moved and was in need of good friends I would start at the local donut shop. People in line at donut shops are happy people.
I joined the line, wanting to whisper, "This is my first time here" as if I had entered into a secret club of some sort simply by being there. My turn came and the options were overwhelming. In my planning I had thought we would get a huge sampling and discover what we loved best. But with shelves of donuts that all appeared fabulous the task was too difficult.  I asked the young girl helping me the most popular selections. I think she listed about every single donut, except for my now favorite one. (Which I see as a win because they will hopefully always be available when I go.) I ordered and ordered and finished it off with two coffees.
I joined my little gang of people on the swivel barstools that lined the counter and we opened the boxes. Just like Christmas morning.

Taking two bites and switching to a new donut was encouraged. Boy oh boy did we have fun. They have yeast donuts and cake donuts and they are delicious and fresh. I will say that the coconut covered chocolate donut is my favorite (Paula, thank you), Nate's was the buttermilk and the kids liked them all.
As we sat in there, smiling as we nibbled our treats and sipped our coffee an elderly couple came in and sat down a few stools over. The man ordered their donuts and then the two of them sat their, sipping the coffee from the diner mugs and enjoying their selection. I looked at Nate and we smiled. We both knew that someday, hopefully that will be us. Old, on a date, eating donuts.
Did I mention they are open 24/7.
Yup. Death nail.


katie said...

oooooh!! we have to try this out! I totally know that "i want a doughnut but definitely not a dunkin donut" type of craving.

Also... I was on the wheaton moms facebook group for like 3 days before it drove me nuts and I left it. complete crazytown.

Sweet Mama K said...

I haven't had a donut in years (thank you, gluten, NOT)...but you made me feel like I wa s right there with you. I so enjoyed reading this. Keep telling your stories!