Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sonnet James

As a mom, my clothing options often seem either to dress well and hope I don't ruin my outfit or wear clothing I don't mind getting trashed but may cause hesitation before I run out in public wearing. For that reason (and others) I often purchase my clothing from resale shops. I want cute clothes that don't break my heart (and bank) if I ruin. I imagine I am not alone in these sentiments even among those who are not mothers. Well, about a month ago I found the clothing line Sonnet James. It was created by Whitney, a mother to two boys who understands this struggle of wanting to look nice while engaging in life. To give a taste of her philosophy on clothing I have included a quote from her webpage.

 "Whitney believes passionately in being a playful and involved mother. She also believes that with the right dress you can look great without letting your clothes get in the way of the next big adventure! Sonnet James was born out of the idea that beautiful clothing should work for moms—durable, comfortable, and beautiful, yet easy to care for."
Do you not love her perspective? And now for a few shots of these beautiful pieces of clothing and hats. PS: why do I not wear hats more?




Oh, did I mention that she only designs dresses? Well she does and I love her for it! I know the price tags are hefty and for that reason I do not own one of her dresses....well that and all the models are such tiny little things and I have never been described as a waif so I am not entirely sure how the clothing would translate on me....but it certainly is intriguing!

Do any of you own a Sonnet James dress? I would love to hear a personal testimony to how her dresses and hats wear.

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Whitney said...

Thanks for posting about my dresses!