Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mollie Makes

Two days ago while I was standing in the extremely long line at Joann Fabric I came across the magazine Mollie Makes ( Since I had a gift card I paid the $12 for a copy of it because it looked that good.  Of course it is made in the UK and of course to subscribe for a year cost around $100 for us in the US.  However, if I hire myself out as a babysitter a few evenings a week (I joke, I joke-sorta...) I actually might make enough extra money to get it. I knew it was my ideal type of magazine when the bottom of the first page summarized the magazine with these words "making, thrifting, collecting, crafting". If you asked me to make a list of some of my main loves these would be in a portion of it.  So, if you have never heard of this magazine and have interest in similar areas as me you might want to run to Joann's. What other magazines/blogs am I missing out on people? I don't keep them from you? Please share!

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