Thursday, February 7, 2013

Snow Day

  Finally we were blessed with substantial snow around these parts and we pulled out all the gear (least favorite part anyone??) and went sledding. It was a total blast flying down the hill with the little beans sitting there silently enjoying the ride and then seeing how filled with energy they became when the sled stopped.

    I have to admit sledding hills give me anxiety with all the kids zooming down on the ice as little ones blindly walk across the danger zone completely unaware of the impending doom. I saw one little girl taken out at the knees and that alone made me ready to call it a day. Sigh. While we were there thankfully no injuries took place that involved our little ones (besides Vera falling face down a few times in the snow...whoops) and for that I am thankful. I love sledding. It makes you feel alive and like a child and all fresh-faced from the cold wind. What fun!
Any snow related activities you have been up to? We have yet to build a snowman...I better get on that!

1 comment:

Ellie said...

it was 81 degrees here today...I don't foresee any snowmen :(