Friday, December 14, 2012

Thanksgiving Morning

I love the holidays for more reasons than I could ever articulate in person or on this blog. There is truly something magical in the air and the mood at this time of year. The smells outside, the smells inside...everything has a holiday aroma and even going to get in the car makes me smile. Right now we have a fire blazing in our fireplace and our whole house smells of burnt wood and roobios tea. If I could control my dreams they would smell like this.

Thanksgiving was quite a few days ago but I still wanted to share about it because it was lovely. I woke up extra early (6:00am-sorry if this is not early to you) and went downstairs to prepare two quiches and some carla rolls. The quiet of the house was precious-but especially so because I knew that just a few stairs away I had all my babes and my hubby sleeping. I love that feeling when you know the energy is about to explode but it still is slumbering away. My sweet Isabelle came downstairs to help me, which was a super early rising for her as well. I loved her for it. After she peeked about I made her a little "nest" on our chair and out she conked. It was a perfect morning....and then you add that energy, my little family, breakfast food and coffee and really things could not be more delightful. It has me hankering like mad for Christmas morning....there is so much to look forward to....and I am.


And my sweet babes:)

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