Tuesday, November 20, 2012


My life has been whirling...whirling I tell you. I have done quite a few things-like turned 30!! You read that right, I am officially an adult:) now and no one can say differently. Anyway-I promise to come and post more soon but right now I cannot but I did want you to know I am alive and well. Really well even. Love to you all and a "real" post soon but until then a few shots of my beans because I love them.
this is her Coco Chanel look....I love it...the girl knows what she likes:)

she is wearing lipstick-I am that mom, judge if you will but it was one of my favorite memories from when I was little (and we don't usual wear it out if that helps;) )

my big boy

the cutest little play group that ever was!

Has your life whirling wild style??

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mandii said...

eeek! hope you had a happy birthday. I'll be 30 in January. Love checking in on you and your sweet family!