Sunday, April 1, 2012

new dog

No. I did not get a dog. Been there. Done that. Learned I am not cut out for a dog....I would rather have another child than a dog...always. (do not hold my feet to the fire if some time down the road I get one...I do not plan on it, but I have been known to change my mind)  My daughter is obsessed with dogs. Obsessed does not even seem the right word. Something more than obsessed.....whatever word that is mentally place it here. Well-guess who came over Wednesday night with a little, tiny, white dog. My mom. "The dog is kinda for all of us-but she will live at Mimi and PaPa's house." Music....sweet, sweet music to my ears. Have a dog without having a dog-sign me up!! 

I think Isabelle was delirious with joy-like the kind of joy where you get manic and start to jump all weird and move your hands in and out and....well you get it...manic. We have seen the dog every single day since then. Sometimes we babysit her (yes-she comes over and we watch her), sometimes they come over with her, sometimes we go there....really anything that involves Isabelle seeing the dog. The first thing she says every morning is "When can we see her??"

Belle does not lose interest either. The girl cannot (I KID YOU NOT) go 10 seconds without holding or touching her. It makes me smile to see her having one of her dreams realized...especially because I knew I was never going to be able to make it happen. Thank you Mimi and PaPa...thank you for making my daughter's life.

Oh-the dog's name is Margot.


the cuthberts said...

so I read the title and saw the pic of belle and was like, "whaaaaaat?!" and then read how much belle loved dogs and thought "oh wow...abby is going to have to convince her mom to get a dog or something..."
SO cute and fun...can't wait to hear stories about your mom and her dog! :)

Mandy said...

Soooo cute