Friday, March 25, 2011


 (sidenote: Isabelle is obsessed with about three of the dresses she has-and that is all she ever wants to wear-so when you think "this must be from the other day because she is wearing the same dress" you are incorrect....she just loves to wear the same dresses again and again and again:))

So the other day we were making brownies and I realized my children had never licked the beaters before!! Can you believe it...NEVER LICKED THE BEATERS!!! Shame on me as a mother. But don't worry-we made up for lost time.
just starting out

making sure I could see it

deciding where the first lick should be

the joy of beater licking captured!!

so happy

judah in his diaper



judah is up for cheers but isabelle has moved on

the brownies after we baked them

judah climbing back to his chair-declaring he is ready to make more:)

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Blomgrens said...

If I had that dress, I would want to wear it every third day too :) SO cute. Love your kiddos enthusiasm!