Monday, November 22, 2010

What Have I Been Up to Lately??

 Making things for a WONDERFUL  handmade and my sister started this last year and we just have such a blast with it for these two years! I sold tons of stuff-which is super fun as well. Then after the sale I had a number of custom orders to get started I am finally caught up but need to get more things made for my next two sales!! (just two weeks away) Let me just say that there is something so incredibly fulfilling in the process of creation....I love it so much! Now for some pictures.
Custom orders of baby/toddler hats and a large cowl.

One shot of the Open House

the beautiful leather cuffs (I traded a xl cowl for one of these babies and I LOVE it!)

beautiful hand thrown pottery-I also own one of these lovelies now too:)

another shot of the night

beautiful work by one of my friends Leah
Thanksgiving is coming and boy am I busy-but so so so thankful for all the rich blessings the Lord has poured out. My all of your days be blessed!

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Mandii said...

ah! I so wish I could've made it to this. Next year I might have to make the trek out to the burbs! xoxo!