Thursday, October 7, 2010

We have been sick

If you have ever had the stomach flu as a family you will know that it is
1. horrid
2. disgusting
3. bonding
4. hilarious
5. boring
6. relaxing
7. clean bug instilling
8. picture lacking
All that to say I do not have many fun pictures to post-but I will do the best I can with what I have. Along with that-Nate-best man in the world and my love!!-surprised me with a Mac the other day since he thought it would suit me better. :)I love it-I named it Bunny (who knows why, beside the hilarious fact that Nate really is not a Mac person in the slightest and thinks it is ridiculous when people get all houty touty about their computers-so he rolls his eyes whenever I dramatically refer to my little "bunny") But-because of this new computer I am having major issues figuring out how things work on here...any insight would be great from those of you who know...but until then bear with me.
my favorite little outfit on him..that he pooped in moments after this

normal sick wear-random and bright colored

two little monkeys staring out the window wishing they could play out there

beautiful flowers from my dear friend Jeanne-something to brighten the day:)

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