Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pad Thai

I am making Pad Thai for the first time today.....I did the prep work first (since Judah only sleeps for some time and I wanted to make sure everything was ready before he poked his sweet little head up again:))
Here are a few shots of the work in progress. What are you favorite things to make? I loved this Pad Thai-it was delicious and one I will be making again for sure!! I love when I find new things to make and like them, it is really fun to build my meal library:)


Catie Loveless said...

Looks great, Abs! I just made a peach cobbler that was fun and easy. Anything that looks beautiful. For dinners, some fav recipes in my rotation are: turkey tacos, blackberry porkchops, mango chicken, turkey chili, and Hawaiin pasta with kolbosa sausage, green peppers, and pineapple.

abby said...

umm yumm!! we make turkey tacos all the time too:) I adore them! you love the fruit with stuff huh-that always sounds great but I am not crazy about the combo. i love you and wish we could swap more recipes. post some more pics on your blog-i would love to see!!