Friday, January 29, 2010

what siblings do for fun in our house

I adore that Judah and Isabelle have their own little sibling thing going on. Something that I, as a mother, cannot touch. Here are a few shots of their "sibling time" caught on camera. 

They read sweetly together(sometimes-other times she loves to knock him over and climb on top) I did not pose this picture. Judah was sitting there happily when Isabelle grabbed a book and told him she was going to read to him. 

The pulling around in the bucket was also her idea. "Doody in der!" she commanded to her daddy. And then she pulled him all around-and since he was happy to do it, we let them. (and yes, that is a pad on her forehead...I told you-she loves the style!)

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Blomgren2 said...

Your daughter is hilarious and I LOVE that you let her be creative and be herself. You inspire me :)