Tuesday, March 10, 2009

i love

You know what I love?? Here are a few things...
hot baths with yummy smelling stuff in them
drive through trips to starbucks with Nate
caramel macchiatos (sp)
chai lattes
french fries
putting on pajamas after being in uncomfy clothing all day
finding a great movie at the library
back rubs
that smell on the concrete after or before a storm
being slap happy
chopping veggies
a yummy glass of wine
diet coke with a lime
going to the gym and sitting with nate and a coffee after we work out
artistic people
the sounds of Isabelle in the morning
sour patch kids
the white bag you get from the popcorn shop (sorry...locals only will get this)
letters to me in the mail
baby showers
freshly painted nails
long hair
the color mustard yellow
my wedding rings
oberweis ice cream
windows open

just a few things i love....tell me some of the things you love....!

1 comment:

Rebekah Wallace said...

tea with honey, staying in my pjs all day, driving to Lake Michigan, reading magazines in the checkout, watching movies in bed with Ryan, coffee shops, long emails from friends, new stationary, spending an afternoon running errands by myself, hosting people in my home...just to name a few