Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow and Smiles

The view out our front window right now.....lovely. There is snow falling-in case you cannot tell from the shot.

The stockings and tree.
This is little Isabelle...whenever I am dressing her she loves to run off without the entire outfit on. I always find it quite amusing....who can resist those little legs!?

I love winter.....totally and completely. And what is more-I love winter in Wheaton, Illinois. People so often complain of the cold and the snow...on and on they go. But I LOVE the cold and the beautiful white snow. It is literally pouring down outside the window as I write this-and I love it. There is something so romantic, childish, relaxing and beautiful about snow...especially when it is falling. Things here have been so wonderful as of late. Isabelle is being my usual delight. Nate is the love of my life and we have a baby on the way. God is pouring out upon us and I am full of thanks!!

Isabelle has developed even more into such a goofball-which is so fun. She has formed very adorable routines or things she loves to do. For example, the girl is in love with music. So much so that almost every time I get her from the church nursery on Sunday they tell me how much she loves music and cannot be separated from it:) The same at home goes for her. We have a boom box on the ground in the kitchen and Isabelle will just either sit herself down next to it or (more often than not) right on top of it. She will boop her little body in beat to the music and be quite content like that for a while. She also loves to remove all the kitchen utensils from the drawer and line them up on the stairs. Once finishing this task she will put them all away again. She loves spaghetti and meatballs-and (just like her mother) will start to get really goofy about halfway through mealtime. I believe this is because she has reached that lovely point of not being hungry anymore and now finding the lovely delight of food. She just sits there and smiles at me...refusing to eat until I let out a laugh at her. Which is never forced mind you-little Belle can always get me to laugh!!You know how people teach their children the game..."How big is Isabelle....soooo big!" And the child then lifts their hands over their head. Well...Nate and I thought we could do something much more creative than that game. Ours is called...."What do you do on a rollacoaster....WEEEEEEE!!" Isabelle is displaying below just what she does:)

Told you she loves music;)
This is often how Isabelle will stand....it is so funny to me....just pop a squat and read a magazine.

I have included these pictures of her being her sweet little self.....but believe me nothing shows her preciousness as being with her. Which, blessing from the Lord, I can be everyday!! My treasure!

Yummy sugar cookies that Nate and I made and frosted one afternoon. This always gets us laughing so hard-probably because our frosting job always ends of being a little off!And what kind of parents would we be if little Isabelle could not sample one of the yummies??

Please tell me why you love this time of year??? If you do that is:)

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ABBY said...

soooo cute.

and i think i'd like to try to make marshmallows. any suggestions or killer recipes to share?