Friday, October 31, 2014

Journaling: Getting Back

I have always been a lover of journaling. I can remember going to my friend Molly Grace's house my freshman year in high school and discovering she too journaled like me. Pages filled with images that expressed feelings more than long strings of words. During that time I literally would spend hours on the weekend cutting out magazine images, coloring pages, writing quotes, filling the blank pages of my journal as my inner thoughts spilled out.
During college I fell harder in love with writing poetry and would pair images and colors with my own swirl of words that somehow blended together all my emotions on a page in my journal.
I would always feel so content while journaling. It was deeply satisfying and calming. In my basement I have a bookshelf filled with countless journals packed with my poems, magazine images, photographs and my thoughts. I miss having documentation of life recently and have been feeling rather dry in the creative areas of my life.
As I was digging through my desk I stumbled across a journal I started back in 2012 and have since neglected. It stirred my desire to start gathering life bits again. So here I go.
 Any one care to join me? For me seeing other people's journals rates right up there with best things in life. No joke. So, if any of you take the plunge and care to share include me!
 To inspire us all I have included a few images from my last journal.

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