Thursday, January 16, 2014

My daily latte

If you asked me one drink I could never live without it would be an easy answer. Coffee. I never, ever, ever get tired of coffee. (unless it is the first few weeks of pregnancy but that does not really count...right?)  I start each morning grinding my own beans and brewing up my coffee in either a French press or a Chemex. I recommend both of these brewing methods minus the fact that they do not stay hot for long unless you pour them in a carafe.  Along with coffee I (almost) equally enjoy lattes, mochas and dirty chais (a chai with a shot of espresso).  Every afternoon after I send my oldest off to school and the youngest goes down for a nap I wander into my kitchen and start brewing up my latte. If you ever are in the market for making your own drinks at home I cannot recommend the next few items highly enough! They are amazing and I have owned other machines that truly do not live up to these.

Now for the drink.

1. I select my capsule for the day. Regular it shall be.  (a stressful dream and sleepless night aided me in my decision making...often I do decaf)

2. Pour my milk into the frother and press go.

3. Grab a few chocolate chips and toss them into my cup because chocolate rarely is a bad idea.

4. Pull my shot.

5. Pour in the perfectly frothed milk.

6. Enjoy!

Coffee is one of the areas I never get tired of learning and hearing about. What is your favorite coffee to drink? Do you have a machine you cannot live without? Where have you had the best cup ever? Please share!

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