Tuesday, October 30, 2012

a gift list....

If you were to come up with a gift list right now what would be the top three items on it? I always have a million things I would love to buy at any given second, but when it comes to writing them down on lists my mind goes completely blank. I was so amazed at the brilliant suggestions you all gave me for my basics plea...so here I am again...asking you to help create a list of gift ideas for me.  And of course I will try to get the ball rolling here....
ummmm looks amazing-I am on a huge cookbook, cooking magazine kick

I live where it is cold

still have not gotten these out of my mind
I really want some booties or wedges that are fall/winter appropriate
I am getting older and face creams are a must:) thankfully this one is amazing!
Really anything in any of these categories makes me all giddy to think about...how about you? What is on your list??

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