Monday, December 1, 2014

Blush of the Season

 Below you will see my all time favorite blush brush and my current favorite blush of the season. Both are available at Ulta and the brush is even on sale right now! The blush is called Tea Rose and is made by the company NYX. It is under $10 and you can always find a coupon for it. I enjoy it for this time of year because it is a cream. A cream blush stays longer (on my skin) and gives a softer glow to the skin than a powder blush. It can be tricky to apply a cream blush (at least that is what I have heard from other ladies) but it is an easy skill to master. Sometimes I feel like women give up learning skills in makeup when they pursuing learning to do so many things in life. Cream blush should really not be a hurdle for us ladies, I mean really.
I am keeping it short and sweet because I have a to-do list a mile long...but I did want to let you know I am still alive....and wearing blush.

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