Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Current (least) Favorite: Mascara

I have desperately been in need of a new mascara and though I have a few sample size mascaras that have been holding me over I was anxious to get a permanent replacement. Being the savvy shopper I like to think of myself as I was thrilled to use my $6 off coupon at Ulta and purchase a mascara for just around that price point. In my mind most drugstore mascaras are created equal so I grabbed the first one that caught my eye and sounded like it had to offer what I wanted.

I truthfully cannot recall purchasing an item of makeup that I so disliked that I stopped using it entirely. I usually make do if the purchase was a poor one and use it with the guilt of money spent propelling me forward. Not this time. This stuff stinks so badly that I refuse to use it due to the amount of time it takes to make it even slightly passable! (picture a few precious minutes wasted on application with the needed follow-up of a different mascara to go on over top!!) What a waste. My only hope is that once it dries out a bit I can some how use it....we shall see. Needless to say-don't get this product! Unless of course you are on the lookout for a labor intensive mascara application process with no pay-off.

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