Saturday, July 27, 2013

decorating a house

Lately my mind has been trying to discover the common denominator of the homes that I find beautiful. I am not talking about houses that have my same decoration preferences.  There are always going to be houses that match ones taste, rather I am talking about homes that represent those who live inside it well. I discovered the common denominator is seeing the fingerprints of ownership. I treasure homes that are extensions of the owner's person.

 A home is a very intimate place, in my opinion, because of the fact that it is where life happens. If I do not know a person well and they invite me into their home I often walk away with a clearer picture of who that person is. This is not always the case of course, but more often than not it is. The reason for this is because we are drawn to things that communicate something to us or resonates with who we are as a person or who we want to be. I know not everyone is wired to care about the "stuff" they fill their house with, which is completely fine. I am not wired to care about many things that others get all jittery over...and I love that about humans.

However, to those of you who do get all jittery when they think about decorating their house I wanted to say this because I wish someone had said this to me when I was decorating my first place... please make your house for yourself and your family. Do not make a home that has nothing of you in it. If you glance around rooms and do not find your spirits lifted, or your tension relieved on some level then I would ask why not? Are you afraid your mother will disapprove of your mounted deer head? Are you worried that someone will secretly talk behind your back about how you have no design sense? Do you think that because your budget is tight why even bother with making things  "your own"? I understand all of these fears but want to tell you to plow ahead because really there are few things as enjoyable to me as entering a house that truly is an extension of those who dwell within the walls. A beautiful person makes a beautiful house and even the most magazine worthy homes are sterile if the homeowner has no real connection with the objects and people inside.

a shot of my home and those I love the most inside it

What are places you have really connected with because they speak the essence of the owner?

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