Saturday, February 16, 2013

cleaning products I am addicted to

I am by no means a woman who needs to have everything perfectly swept, dusted, sprayed down, etc. However, I am freaked out by disorganization/clutter! If my house is without clutter in the majority of  rooms (I have three kids 5 and under people lets be realistic) then my blood pressure has a lovely way of staying normal....and when clutter starts to grows so does it! I have lately found my holy grail of all cleaning products. Best spray ever.
I use this beauty literally every single day. I spray down our kitchen table with it (it is wood...all is good) and the counters of my kitchen. Most of all I adore the lavender scent and see the fact that it cleans impeccably as merely an added bonus. Now some cleaning products promise a fresh smell but only deliver a very medicinal scent that make you almost get a cleaning headache. Not this product. I have gone through an entire bottle already and for a woman who does not love to spray things down that is saying A LOT!

Now, this other product I am talking about on here I bought on a whim. I have not used it long and cannot tell you how amazing it is as a product in of itself (but really how hard is it to be a good dishwashing soap right?) but the scent is a new favorite. Tomato Vine. The name of the scent is tomato vine...shut your eyes and imagine that smell...imagine the smell of dirt, the smell of a green vine being propped up with red earthy fresh tomatoes all over it... and there you have what this dish soap smells like. Now this is not a scent for everyone, but if you are into that dirty tomato vine smell it is for you. (You now all know why I do not write ads for scents... "dirty" is probably pretty frowned upon in the scent world) I think it might be limited edition.  The real kicker is right now they have this scent in a bottle designed by Orla Kiely...who I just happen to adore. **Confession time-I bought the dish soap for the soul purpose of the cute bottle design. **Little did I know I would LOVE the scent! Love it. Go to Target if this interests you because they are on clearance. (the green one on the left is the Tomato Vine scented dish soap)

image found here

ANYWAY...who knew I could be that longwinded about cleaning supplies...kinda sad and kinda exciting at the same time.

What products/scents can you just not live without?


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you've seen. I am addicted to my Basic H. Inexpensive, super effective and works for everything :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and that was me... Harper :)

Rachel Jones said...

You have to try Caldrea cleaning products. I am in LOVE with all the scents. I clean just to make the place smell amazing.

online cleaning supplies said...

You stole words from my mouth. I feel the same for all of the cleaning products you've mentioned in the blog post.