Thursday, January 24, 2013

camping at home...kinda

I just stumbled upon this website and sort of am in love. Truth be told I am not the hugest fan of camping (read dislike) but that does not mean I cannot enjoy every item from this store right? I seriously would wear this shirt

with a pair of black leggings every single day that I "camp out" at home. In case you have never enjoyed the experience of deciding from the moment you roll out of bed that it is a stay home day, let me explain the term "camping out" for you. This definition comes from the Abby case you were planning on citing it in your next paper, you might not want to.

Camping out: to stay in comfortable clothing that feels like pajamas but are close enough to real attire that you are not embarrassed if someone decides to stop by unexpectedly

Aren't these clothes perfect for just that? And truth be told, items that fall under the "camping out" category in my closet get far more wear. I probably would add these tops to my "camp out" rotation as well.

How about you...what "camp out" clothing do you just adore? I am all ears for this subject believe me!


Melissa Marie said...

Well I was a camping major! And utterly obsessed with these articles of clothing heaven.

katie said...

haha. i know exactly what you mean. I have a maternity t-shirt dress that I keep around for this exact purpose. i wear it with leggings and knee high socks. it's my "sick day" outfit.

Mandy said...

I have nominated your for the Sunshine Award!