Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I have been bitten

As anyone who loves making art knows...there are times when you are just not feeling it. You have no inspiration, or time, or desire to create anything. THEN....suddenly the weather turns breezy and sunlight is shinning in the windows and all you want to do is paint, or draw or something creative ALL DAY LONG!! I have been bitten by the creative bug again and I am pulling out all my projects!! Most of them are "in the works" and need a few more things done to them. I love this time...I love feeling inspired and excited at what is to come. What is this weather making you want to do??
encaustic painting/mixed media in the works

upcycled journals needing to be bound and cut

painting needing to be placed somewhere in the house

little illustrations that I do not know what to do with

 a shelf of books that wet my artistic appetite every time!

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