Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Win some lose some

I really enjoy making food-and making it from scratch as much as I am able.  Some meals are hits, some are misses. The other night we decided to make ravioli. We love pasta in this house (insanely love) and figured how hard could it be? Well it was hard. We failed. (thick-much too thick pasta) We tried again...and kinda failed again (who knew I HATED Italian parsley so much, and when you hate the filling it is hard to enjoy the rest) was slightly better than the first time, but not enough that we were proud of ourselves. Oh well. I still love making food-and sometimes I don't fail. :) Like the time I made PF Chang's Spicy Chicken.....
the masters at work

yes-Judah is always my goofball:)

PF Chang's Spicy Chicken and good.

 What have you been making lately??

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